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April news

The RMT union have announced a further strike on 9 May. Timetable details will follow later.

Northern have announced that there will be Sunday services between Barrow and Carlisle and additional evening trains from 20 May. This is not the full service promised but a considerable move towards it. Times are available on National Rail. Timetables are due to be on the Northern site on 7 May and printed timetables not before 1 June. There will also be four return Barrow-Manchester Airport and one Windermere-Manchester Piccadilly services. The previous date for the withdrawal of loco hauled trains and Pacer units of December 2019 still stands, when we should be served by a fleet of four car refurbished class 156 diesel multiple units. In the mean time a summary of the May timetable is below.


Engineering work

Preston-Blackpool North replaced by buses until 16 April.

Trains from Preston via Bolton replaced by buses on Saturdays and Sundays until further notice.

Over the Easter weekend 31 March-2 April west coast lines have buses between Carlisle and Glasgow/Edinburgh and on 1 April also between Carlisle and Lancaster. There are no trains at London Euston on 1 April.

Buses replace trains between Grange over Sands and Lancaster and between Windermere and Oxenholme on 1 April.

Buses replace trains between Carlisle and Glasgow and Edinburgh 1100 7 April-1430 8 April and again 14-15 April.

Buses replace trains between Carlisle and Whitehaven on 6 May (and also between Carlisle and Haltwhistle until 1035).


Club 55 tickets for TransPennine Express will be available from 13 April for travel from 22 April to 19 May – £21 standard class return in England (excluding Manchester Airport) and £31 to Scotland (first class £41 and £61).

From 20 May TransPennine Express trains run non stop between Preston and Manchester Piccadilly.

Waggon ways to Whitehaven: west Cumbria on rails exhibition at the Beacon museum in Whitehaven from 21 April to 3 June.

Railfuture’s summer conference is in Carlisle on 23 June. CRUG members can take advantage of our membership price of £25 if booked by the end of April. On the same day is Community rail in the city at Carlisle station 1000-1600.

New ticket machines have been installed in Maryport and Whitehaven, operating in English, French, German, Spanish and Polish. They are an improvement on the old ones, but only seems to sell tickets on the day (so no advances) and no ranger or rover tickets. The display also seems to be very high for wheelchair users.


20 May timetable



0940 Millom-Barrow

0917 Maryport-Barrow

1024 Maryport-Barrow

1041 Carlisle-Lancaster

1106 Carlisle-Barrow

1207 Carlisle-Barrow

1316 Carlisle-Lancaster

1412 Carlisle-Whitehaven

1604 Sellafield-Barrow

1510 Carlisle-Preston

1616 Carlisle-Barrow

1710 Carlisle-Barrow

1810 Carlisle-Whitehaven

1910 Carlisle-Whitehaven

2010 Carlisle-Whitehaven

2110 Carlisle-Whitehaven

5 journeys Carlisle-Barrow including 3 through to Lancaster including 1 to Preston

12 journeys Carlisle-Whitehaven (currently 4 1410-2110)

12 journeys Millom-Barrow

4 trains stop at Nethertown and Braystones



0905 Barrow-Millom

1016 Whitehaven-Carlisle

0950 Barrow-Carlisle

1115 Barrow-Carlisle (starts at Carnforth)

1218 Barrow-Carlisle

1258 Barrow-Carlisle

1417 Barrow-Carlisle (starts at Lancaster)

1451 Barrow-Sellafield

1611 Whitehaven-Carlisle

1558 Barrow-Carlisle

1717 Barrow-Carlisle (starts at Lancaster)

1812 Barrow-Millom

1912 Barrow-Millom

1938 Whitehaven-Carlisle

2030 Whitehaven-Carlisle

7 journeys Barrow-Carlisle (including 3 through from Carnforth including 2 from Lancaster)

11 journeys Whitehaven-Carlisle (currently 4 1233-1933)

11 journeys Barrow-Millom

3 trains stop at Nethertown and Braystones


Mondays to Fridays (Saturdays differ)


0610 Millom-Barrow

0548 Maryport-Barrow

0553 Carlisle-Barrow

0616 Carlisle-Barrow

0710 Carlisle-Lancaster

0810 Carlisle-Barrow

0903 Carlisle-Barrow

1013 Carlisle-Barrow

1107 Carlisle-Lancaster

1208 Carlisle-Barrow

1307 Carlisle-Lancaster

1411 Carlisle-Barrow

1441 Carlisle-Lancaster

1512 Carlisle-Barrow

1559 Carlisle-Whitehaven

1706 Carlisle-Barrow

1718 Sellafield-Barrow

1745 Carlisle-Barrow

1846 Carlisle-Barrow

1909 Carlisle-Preston

2029 Millom-Barrow

2055 Carlisle-Whitehaven

2200 Millom-Barrow

2201 Carlisle-Whitehaven

16 journeys Carlisle-Barrow (currently 10 0515-1737)

including 5 through to Lancaster including 1 to Preston (currently 3 and 2)

19 journeys Carlisle-Whitehaven (currently 15 0515-2200)

21 journeys Millom-Barrow (currently 15 0609-2209)

6 trains stop at Nethertown and Braystones (currently 4)



0657 Whitehaven-Carlisle

0550 Barrow-Carlisle

0700 Askam-Carlisle (starts at Preston, not stopping at Barrow)

0750 Barrow-Carlisle

0918 Barrow-Carlisle

1022 Barrow-Carlisle

1120 Barrow-Carlisle

1206 Barrow-Carlisle

1316 Barrow-Carlisle (starts at Lancaster)

1419 Barrow-Carlisle

1452 Barrow-Carlisle

1531 Barrow-Carlisle

1613 Barrow-Sellafield (starts at Lancaster)

1749 Whitehaven-Carlisle

1717 Barrow-Carlisle (starts at Lancaster)

1806 Barrow-Carlisle (starts at Lancaster)

1912 Barrow-Carlisle

1944 Barrow-Millom

2020 Barrow-Carlisle

2112 Barrow-Millom (starts at Lancaster)

2211 Barrow-Millom

2209 Whitehaven-Carlisle

14 journeys Barrow-Carlisle (currently 12 0546-1830)

6 through from Lancaster including 1 from Preston (currently 2 from Lancaster)

18 journeys Whitehaven-Carlisle (currently 14 0624-2030)

18 journeys Barrow-Millom (currently 14 0546-2134)

5 trains stop at Nethertown and Braystones (currently 4)


Apart from Nethertown and Braystones all trains seem to call at every station

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