Our Long, medium and short term priorities for the future are:

  • Passenger information systems – to be installed at all stations and on all platforms providing reliable and accurate train information for the next two hours
  • Maintenance of critical structures – (viaducts, sea defences, Whitehaven tunnel) and to maintain/improve gauging and loading (for rail tours, freight, newer rolling stock)
  • Protection and improvement of parking and transfer facilities
  • Promotion of improvements to stations and trains(including design / layout) for cyclists, mobility scooters, prams, luggage etc.
  • Improve signage to stations –  Particularly for pedestrians and at a distance from stations
  • Monitor and improve the environmentbuildings, cleanliness, gardens and  trackwork around the stations  
  • Upgrade rolling stock – to at least fully refurbished 156 standards
  • Improvement of ticket facilities simple, easy to use and understand ticket facilities and options
  • Improvement of West coast main line connections at Lancaster and Carlisle 15/20 minute connections with London / Glasgow trains
  • Improvement of connections/through services within franchise

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