The England Coast Path in our area so far extends for 22 miles (35km) from Allonby, north of Maryport to Whitehaven. Work is progressing on the next stage south to Silecroft.

England Coast Path Allonby-Whitehaven

Allonby-Maryport 5 miles (8km), Maryport-Flimby 2 miles (3km), Flimby-Workington 4 miles (7km), Workington-Harrington 4 miles (7km), Harrington-Parton 3 miles (5km), Parton-Whitehaven 2 miles (3km) total 20 miles (33km)

Best done in sections over more than one day

Stations: Maryport, Flimby, Workington, Harrington, Parton, Whitehaven (Flimby and Parton are request stops)

Terrain: mostly good paths but some steep sections between Harrington and Parton (this section is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs)

Refreshments: each of the towns and villages

Toilets: Allonby village, Maryport High Street and harbour, Workington Central Way (town centre), Whitehaven station

For the section from Allonby to Maryport catch the 60E bus from Maryport (four a day Monday to Friday, five on Saturday) and walk back.

From Maryport to Flimby come out of the station, cross the road onto Station Street and at the main road (where you will see the bus stops) turn right on Curzon Street and first left along Senhouse Street down to the harbour. Then follow the signs for the England Coast Path until you get to Flimby station. You will be following the coast all the way.

From Flimby to Workington again just follow the England Coast Path or for a slightly more inland route signs for Hadrian’s Cycle Way. With the latter you will need to turn right in the town centre back to the station as described on the Whitehaven-Harrington-Workington walk.

From Workington you can continue following the coast path signs by turning left from outside the station around the coast through Harrington and Parton to Whitehaven or take the shorter and less steep cycle path described in the next walk.

Obviously these can all be short walks from one station to the next.

The path will shortly continue north from Allonby through Silloth to Carlisle and Gretna and south from Whitehaven around the harbour and over the cliffs to St Bees and along the coast.