Northernmost station on the Cumbrian coast line. Most of our trains arrive at and leave from platform 2. This is a cross platform transfer for most services arriving from the south and for most trains to Scotland. For other trains you will usually need to cross to the other side of the station (platforms 4-8) by the ramp or lifts for trains south and alighting from Scotland as well as for the Tyne Valley line to Newcastle and the Settle and Carlisle line to Leeds together with some Dumfries trains. Good passenger information screens, toilets, food and drink and ticket office and machine.

There is a roughly hourly pattern of trains direct to London, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Dumfries and Manchester Airport with an additional London train via Birmingham. Glasgow has two trains an hour. Leeds has seven trains a day and there are eight through Dumfries to Kilmarnock and Glasgow. Sunday has a lesser service on many lines.

The station has had a £15m upgrade with a complete new roof to be followed by renewed anti-slip platforms.

Carlisle castle, cathedral and Tullie House museum are the obvious sights but it is also a major shopping centre with The Lanes indoor centre and all the usual shops. It is also a good point to explore Hadrian’s Wall by train or bus and very close to the Scottish border.