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September blog

Tony Potts writes:

Yet again our train services have been disrupted by strike action from the RMT on September 1 and 4. Northern ran the usual trains between Barrow and Workington/Whitehaven, with buses between there and Carlisle. On 1 September, I was told that the train to Sellafield (two cars) was on time. Checking at Whitehaven on the Monday, everything seemed to be running well.

On 23 and 24 August Workington Town Council organised a Kite Festival at Harrington marina. The publicity handbills recommended visitors to use the train to get there, but as I wasn’t able to attend I wasn’t able to see if many did. Still, it’s good to see a local council promoting train travel.

Performance has been poor again with the loco hauled trains.

There has been much comment about the fare rises which come into effect in January next. Strangely, those newspapers which are making a fuss about this also championed privatisation when it was proposed all those years ago.

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