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July blog

Tony Potts writes:

My reply to a letter in Rail magazine where the writer advocated a bridge across the Duddon was published in the 24 May issue. I said that a better use of funds would be to remove the pinch-points which currently cause delays. In addition, the installation of continuous welded rail would improve the journey. Two other letters about the Cumbrian lines also appeared in the same issue. All this came about from the report of the Local Enterprise Partnership on the line.

A copy of an e-mail from Northern’s Customer Solutions Advisor David Thropp to Sellafield has been forwarded to me. This reply was from Craig Harrop, and explained the reasons for some of the delays occurring on the loco hauled (LHCS) trains. Other information given was similar to that given to Graham when he met Northern in May. There are still delays to the LHCS trains, such as on 27 May when a failure on the 1138 Barrow to Carlisle was replaced by a single class 153 which was full and standing. However, the return 1433 to Barrow was loco-hauled, but with only two carriages rather than the usual three.

According to an article in the May issue of In-Cumbria, a business magazine published by CN Group, Network Rail is to invest £400 million in the Cumbrian coastal line.

The strike by Arriva Rail North’s guards planned for 30 May did not take place.

TransPennine Express are sponsoring the Border and Granada TV weather reports.

There is continuing disquiet at Sellafield about the unreliable service.

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