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January blog

Tony Potts writes:

I regret I am unable to attend this meeting as I shall be returning from the East Lancashire Railway after my Class 40 driving experience course. I shall give a report as soon as possible on my return.

Yet again we have had disruption to our train service not only by strikes, crew shortages and failures, but also by a “sinkhole” which appeared by the track near Harrington, meaning that single line working had to be put into operation. The cause was reckoned to be storm damage, I understand, and the matter was reported in The Guardian, which called it a “novel excuse” for train delays. Obviously their transport correspondent doesn’t know the difference between an excuse and a reason.

I have been told that a trial is underway using Class 68 motive power instead of Class 37, and that the loco hauled trains will be one carriage shorter as a result.

There is to be an open evening at the Whitehaven Archive and Local Studies Centre (behind the police station) on 16 January from 1900–2100 where visitors can examine specially selected archives pertaining to local railway history and to celebrate the 70th anniversary of British Railways.

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