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Northern has a flash sale of Advance tickets for 10p for journeys to the end of September at These include Workington to Leeds and Newcastle and a variety of trips from Carlisle but not from Whitehaven or Barrow.

The timetable until 14 December is at

First Group and Trenitalia will take ovet running the West Coast main line from Virgin Trains.

Lowca Network Rail is spending £4m to move 50,000 of tons of soil and protect the coast line.

Fares 26-30 railcards are now available to be downloaded to a smartphone. From September there will also be a 16-17 railcard which will give a 50% discount rather than the usual 34%. In January 2020 regulated fares will go up by 2.8%. A new 16-17 Saver card is on sale from 30 August for journeys from 2 September giving half-price travel on most journeys.

Delay repay has been extended on Northern to 15 minutes at the rate of 25% of the fare for delays of 15-29 minutes (12.5% for one delay on a return journey).

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