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May timetable is now available at

It only operates until 29 June when there are expected to be further changes. Generally most of the missed stops are reinstated and some of the gaps in the December 2018 timetable are filled. Many journeys are speeded up slightly to reflect the withdrawal of the slower loco-hauled trains. There are some changes to which trains operate through Barrow.

Engineering work on Sunday 21 April means bus replacements between Grange over Sands and Lancaster all say and between Windermere and Oxenholme all day on 20 and 21 April and until 1230 on 22 April.

Club 55 is available again on TransPennine Express for journeys from 23 April to 4 June for £22 return in England and £32 to Scotland at

Lowca Network Rail is spending £4m to move 50,000 of tons of soil and protect the coast line.

Fares 26-30 railcards are now available to be downloaded to a smartphone. From September there will also be a 16-17 railcard which will give a 50% discount rather than the usual 34%.

Delay repay has been extended on Northern to 15 minutes at the rate of 25% of the fare for delays of 15-29 minutes (12.5% for one delay on a return journey).

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